AI Image Generator from a description in natural language, DALL·E is now available in beta

Source: DALL·E 2

DALL·E, the AI system that creates realistic images and art from a description in natural language, is now available in beta. Today we’re beginning the process of inviting 1 million people from our waitlist over the coming weeks.

Every DALL·E user will receive 50 free credits during their first month of use and 15 free credits every subsequent month. Each credit can be used for one original DALL·E prompt generation — returning four images — or an edit or variation prompt, which returns three images.

A powerful creative tool

DALL·E allows users to create quickly and easily, and artists and creative professionals are using DALL·E to inspire and accelerate their creative processes. We’ve already seen people use DALL·E to make music videos for young cancer patients, create magazine covers, and bring novel concepts to life.

Other features include:

Edit allows users to make realistic and context-aware edits to images they generate with DALL·E or images they upload using a natural language description.

Variations can take an image generated by DALL·E or an image uploaded by a user and create different variations of it inspired by the original.

My Collection allows users to save generations right in the DALL·E platform.

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