Fraud Prevention Company Invents a New Way to Protect People with Artificial Intelligence

Geo Authentication Challenge Grid
Geo Authentication Challenge

Honey Badger HQ, Inc. has developed a new approach to authentication that uses AI-acquired information about the user.

Fraud prevention platform Honey Badger has developed a user-friendly way to authenticate people — and it’s powered by Machine Learning.

This new approach to user authentication was developed as a more secure, user-friendly alternative to the widely used authentication process involving user-generated security questions.

Fraud experts at Honey Badger HQ, Inc. have invented a technology that uses Machine Learning to find derived information about the user. The system then generates a test based on the information in order to quickly and securely verify the user’s identity.

Instead of asking the user to enter personal information any sophisticated fraudster would be able to deduce, the system harvests information automatically — using a range of data points such as geographical details or the user’s profile or background information.

Most online authentication systems require the user to provide various details known only to them. These details include personal information such as the name of their first pet, their favorite teacher at school, or their mother’s maiden name.

As well as being time-consuming and irritating, this widely used authentication approach is prone to exploitation by scammers and online fraudsters. Honey Badger’s use of Machine Learning automatically acquires contextual information about the user — without any prompting.

One aspect of this novel approach to authentication involves the use of so-called Geo Authentication. Once an address has been provided, the system finds obscure information or images from nearby locations — and uses them to create questions only people with specific knowledge of the area can answer.

As most fraudsters operate from overseas locations, they can’t answer such geographically specific questions. Without in-depth knowledge of the area, even the most sophisticated online fraudsters are unable to pass the AI-generated authentication test.

This form of visual authentication challenge is easy to understand, accurate, and more secure than the traditional question-and-answer approach. The user is presented with a series of landmarks to choose from, and they must select the ones they recognize from their local area.

The ultimate goal of Honey Badger’s patent-pending technology is to generate an infinite number of security questions only the user can answer. It seems the days of generic, user-generated security questions could be over.

Honey Badger CEO Matt Salisbury believes this new technology has the power to transform user authentication forever. He said:

“We developed this new user authentication technology in order to stay one step ahead of fraudsters and online criminals. Most systems require the user to enter personal information about themselves. But when the rewards are so high, fraudsters will go to enormous lengths to beat the system by investigating the user’s background.

“We’re determined to increase the security of online user accounts while making life for consumers as easy as possible. That’s what Honey Badger is all about.

“Our system is capable of generating an infinite number of unique authentication checks that are personalized to the user. All you have to do is provide a known data point, such as an address, and Honey Badger will automatically generate an image-based authentication test based on the contextual knowledge of the user.

“Picking out two or three retail stores from your hometown is a quick and simple way of proving you are who you say you are. But a criminal gang operating from thousands of miles away simply wouldn’t have the detailed knowledge required to pass the test in the time permitted.

“Honey Badger can be integrated with almost any online registration, sign-up, or login interface. We believe our patent-pending technology can drastically reduce the risk of online fraud and identity theft with minimal impact on user experience.”

Honey Badger uses the long-term memory and pattern recognition of human users to create a powerful anti-fraud tool that’s almost impossible to defeat. Finally, there’s a secure, reliable, and user-friendly way for ordinary consumers to guard against online criminality.

About Honey Badger HQ Inc.

Honey Badger HQ Inc. is an innovative fraud prevention company that utilizes AI to generate user-friendly authentication challenges.

Honey Badger’s patent-pending technology presents users with a series of individualized authentication challenges. The information used to create these visual tests is collated automatically by the system, rather than being provided by the user during an initial signup process.

Honey Badger is fast, reliable, and secure — and it’s transforming data and privacy protection. With flexible pricing options for businesses of all sizes, Honey Badger is the cost-effective solution to fraud.

SOURCE Honey Badger HQ, Inc.

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