Vody Launches Cutting-Edge New Tool Suite to Optimize Machine Learning Models

Titans of the Los Angeles tech scene gathered for the reveal of Vody’s groundbreaking new offering and a panel conversation featuring Vody head of research SEAN WILNER, former AWS AI executive IAN SWANSON, March Capital partner JULIA KLEIN, and BotNot founder ALEX SHAMIR on the impact of machine learning on business revenue.

Vody, the AI company offering a suite of tools allowing machine learning engineers to optimize their models to double the revenue impact of their work, hosted LA Tech Week’s marquee machine learning event on August 17. Influential individuals in the VC, tech, and other business sectors gathered at Elephante in Santa Monica for a product reveal and related panel discussion on how the latest trends in machine learning are boosting business revenue.

Vody founder Stephanie Horbaczewski, who formerly founded and sold LA-based Stylehaul to international media company RTL Group for $150 million, kicked off the evening’s festivities with the exciting announcement of Vody’s new offerings. The company revealed a suite of tools, designed by machine learning engineers for machine learning engineers, which include multimodal learning and domain adaptation. These services will help ML engineers to increase revenue, reduce opex, and maximize their productivity. Horbaczweski also announced that the company has begun its first proof-of-concept with a major retailer, which is expected to result in an eight to nine-figure revenue lift for the retailer.

Horbaczewski’s comments were followed by a panel moderated by BotNot co-founder Alex Shamir and featuring Ian Swanson, former AWS AI executive and advisor to Vody, Julia Klein, a partner at March Capital leading investments in enterprise AI and data infrastructure, and Sean Wilner, Head of Research for Vody. The event’s 100-person crowd included attendees from Microsoft, Snapchat, Tesla, Sequoia, Morgan Stanley, Visio, HP, Forbes, and more.

“Vody was thrilled to be invited by a16z and LA Tech Week to serve as host to the machine learning community,” said Horbaczewski. “In addition to the game-changing suite of tools we offer ML teams, part of our aim as a company is to foster community around machine learning and serve as the go-to resource for ML developments. This event marked the official launch of those efforts, and we couldn’t be more excited to emerge as a leader in LA’s ML scene.”

About Vody

Using cutting-edge research, Vody makes the latest optimization techniques available as a simple API call from existing model development pipelines. The company offers platform-agnostic, fixed-cost, server-less solutions to accelerate model development and supercharge performance. Its groundbreaking domain adaptation and multimodal representation routines enable clients to better understand and utilize their unstructured data and improve their ML pipeline’s performance and adaptability.



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