Launches With Goal of Demystifying Web3 and the Metaverse is a data aggregation and analytics tool spanning the Web3, NFT, and gaming ecosystems. For creators, collectors, and adventurers from all platforms

As the Metaverse and Web3 begin to infiltrate all areas of life and a growing number of industries, the founders of want to simplify the complex and confusing Web3 ecosystem, so everyone feels comfortable to claim their seat at the table.

“Mystic is a Web3 crystal ball for the Metaverse, NFT and gaming ecosystems,” said Roger Clark, co-founder of Mystic. “We’re building a cohesive, cross-platform experience to help our customers see beyond the hype.”

Mystic was founded by a proven team of veterans from finance, crypto, and big tech, whose experience spans 30+ years at companies like Apple, Microsoft, Binance, BlackRock, and Goldman Sachs.

It’s no secret that Web3 assets are fragmented, siloed, and technologically immature, creating a slew of problems that Mystic has set out to solve, including:

Difficult discovery

  • Broken metadata
  • Unreliable asset storage
  • Low-quality market data
  • Complexity and confusion
  • High barriers to entry
  • Negative associations

The website is quickly scaling its NFT platform to include key data for millions of NFTs from thousands of collections. The Web3 NFT search engine, which makes searching for NFTs as simple as a Google search, is now in public beta mode.

Mystic lets users conduct simple “Google-like” searches for NFTs and receive real-time market data – with easy-to-understand values displayed in US dollars or cryptocurrencies, whichever the user prefers.

Users can easily see an indexed list of top NFTs, marketplaces, and new collections, all by volume within the past 24 hours. They can also use the search bar to find a specific NFT or collection.

“The Mystic team is building an ecosystem of creators and tastemakers to co-create the next cultural phenomenon – before it reaches the mainstream,” Clark said. “Together with our community, Mystic will lead the digital renaissance using a blend of user-generated content, competitive leaderboards, rarity rankings, APIs, investor tools, charts, and more.”

Since its launch, has been experiencing traction and momentum and already has:

  • 20,000,000+ pages of SEO content
  • 21,000,000+ assets tracked
  • 3,000+ NFT collections
  • Four blockchains, with more coming soon

SOURCE Mystic Unlimited Inc.

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