Noble Introduces Mental Health Technology To Reduce Misdiagnosed And Underserved Patients In Primary Care

A lack of objective measurement tools has resulted in a mental health crisis that often goes undetected and untreated – studies show that as many as 70% of individuals struggling with depression go undiagnosed in primary care.(1)

Noble, an AI, and objective data-driven mental health app, announced the launch of a new offering for primary care physicians and mental health professionals that provides remotely monitored, preventative, and early intervention support for acute or chronic mental health conditions.

Primary care practices treat approximately 30% of their patients for mental health problems(2), with depression and anxiety being the most commonly treated conditions. Research suggests that mental health patients treated in primary care may be as high as 70%(3) and that as many as 66–75% of all depression cases are treated by primary care practices instead of mental health providers.(4) Additionally, of individuals who die by suicide, about 90%(5) had a mental disorder, and 45%(6) had visited their primary care physician within the month before their suicide.

Noble’s four-part remote patient monitoring model combines innovative technology with trained mental health professionals to impact outcomes in a lasting, meaningful way:

  • Assess: Subjective data gathering through client self-reporting and objective data gathering through hair cortisol concentration tests, heart rate variability (HRV), and voice as a digital biomarker.
  • Support: AI-driven care provider dashboard that shares the remotely monitored objective data stream to offer remote insights and real-time alerts to the care provider and team.
  • Motivate: Immediate, AI-driven treatment, protocol-driven and therapeutic interventions based on patient needs.
  • Connect: Human-to-human monitoring and coaching support guided by additional understanding through voice analysis, and AI-supported technology.

81%(7) of physicians feel overextended, and are increasingly pressured to diagnose and treat mental and behavioral health problems that they often feel they are not adequately trained to diagnose or treat. Noble aims to reduce care provider time, energy, and practice costs by preventing mental health visits, hospitalizations, and offering a new revenue source.

Co-Founder and Clinical Director Dr. Skinner said, “As a clinician, I’ve been too exhausted to offer a great treatment experience. Many clinicians are feeling this now. We recognize that the first moments of interaction between a care provider and a person seeking care can set the tone and course of treatment. We have seen how preventative, constant, continual, measurable, and evidence-based treatment improves outcomes and client happiness.”

About Noble: Noble is an innovative mental health company focused on helping individuals find healing through connection, objective data, and habit-building. 



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