Xenter, the World’s First “TechMed” Company, Unveils the XenFI Wireless Network

XenFI is comprised of XMD™ (a HIPAA-compliant, global healthcare cloud) and its XenFI-Hub™, Xenter’s wireless communications device that is designed for use in various healthcare settings. These first Xenter products are designed to automate clinical workflow, enable smart/wireless devices, improve patient outcomes, and lower healthcare costs.

“Historically, the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt new technologies,” said Richard J. Linder, Xenter’s CEO, Chairman, and Founder. “The reality is that tomorrow’s healthcare technologies cannot be delivered through the largely connected/cabled healthcare world that’s been the standard practice for decades.

“From the beginning, we’ve brought new core competencies to TechMed with a unique, multidisciplinary team that includes experts in silicon chip design, artificial intelligence, Software-as-a-Service, wireless smart devices, and more. The result is that we will deliver transformational solutions to physicians and patients with this “Technology in Medicine” approach.

XenFI is designed to dramatically transform healthcare and improve outcomes in Office-based Laboratories (OBLs), ASCs (Ambulatory Surgical Centers), and interventional hospital laboratories. Xenter’s XenFI-Hub is a wireless communications device that is installed in OBLs, ASCs, and interventional suites. XMD, Xenter’s global healthcare cloud, provides real-time voice-to-text processing and automates medical reporting.

“Xenter is building a new medical ecosystem and a suite of connected smart/wireless devices,” Linder explained. “XenFI, XenFI-Hub and XMD are the first in a series of new products that can collect, aggregate, and analyze real-time Physical Intelligence™ data.”

Xenter’s XenFI wireless ecosystem is available today.

About Xenter

A privately held, investor-backed company headquartered in Draper, Utah, Xenter™ has launched a wireless TechMed ecosystem designed to provide transformative outcomes for physicians, healthcare professionals, provider organizations, and patients.

Xenter, XenFI, XMD, XenFI-Hub, XMD, and Physical Intelligence are trademarks of Xenter, Inc. All other trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

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